Safe with My CEO - Book cover

Safe with My CEO

Kelsie Tate

The Interview


The alarm went off again early the next morning, but Nicole was already awake.

She smacked it and hopped out of bed, showering and then making her way to her closet. She didn’t have many options.

She told herself if she got the job, the first thing she would do was go shopping for some professional work attire.

Nicole slipped on a simple black pencil skirt and a light blue blouse that made her blue eyes stand out.

She tamed the frizz in her naturally curly hair and put on some light makeup. She threw on the only heels she owned and grabbed her purse, heading out the door and to the bus.

Standing outside the tall office building in front of her, Nicole went from excited to nervous. “You need this job,” she whispered to herself, forcing her feet to move forward.

Once inside she made her way to reception. “Good morning,” the receptionist said, giving a small smile and clearly eyeing Nicole’s simple clothes.

Nicole felt a little self-conscious, but tried to keep it hidden.

“Hello, I’m Nicole Winters, I’m here for an interview at Jackson and Holman.”

The woman nodded and motioned to the elevators. “The main offices of Jackson & Holman are on the twelfth floor.”

“Thank you.” Nicole smiled and made her way to the elevator.

Upon exiting the elevator, she was greeted by another receptionist and shown down the hall, where a group of people were sitting. She took a seat, looking around her.

Possible candidates, she thought. They all looked so smart in their crisp suits, and Nicole was starting to worry that she wouldn’t get this job.

“You are more than qualified for this job,” she whispered to herself as a tall, thin woman walked out the door.

“Good morning. As you know, we are interviewing for the position of Mr. Jackson’s executive assistant.

“Seeing as you will be personally dealing with Mr. Jackson on a daily basis, he will be sitting in on the interview with Mr. Hanson, our head of Human Resources.

“We have water and coffee here for you while you wait. Are there any questions before we begin?”

Everyone sat silently, shaking their heads and looking around at their fellow candidates.

“Good. We will start with Jesse Taylor.” A man stood up and followed her into the room.

Ten minutes later, the man stormed out, his face red with anger as he made his way to the elevator.

Nicole watched in shock. What the hell am I getting into? she thought as the next name was called.

Three more people were called in, each one leaving more upset than the last. Nicole sat there, almost not wanting to even go in.

“Nicole Winters.” She took a deep breath and stood, smoothing her skirt and giving the woman a warm smile.

“I will make this work,” she whispered to herself.

The two men sat at a conference table, not even looking at her. “Please sit. We’ll be with you in a moment,” one of the men said, looking down at his papers.

She took a seat and stared at the men in front of her in silence. Both men looked up. Nicole’s eyes widened in shock.

“Well, Ms. Winters, looking over your resume, you seem very qualified,” the man said. “Why do you want the job here at Jackson & Holman?”

Nicole didn’t even hear him. She was too busy staring at the other man in front of her.

It was the man from the diner. He stared directly into her eyes, a smirk slowly spreading across his face.

What terrible thing did I do in another life to deserve this? she thought.

“Ms. Winters?”

Nicole shook her head, looking at Mr. Hanson. “I'm sorry?”

“No worries. I asked why you want the job here at Jackson & Holman.”

“I recently made a change and moved to Boston, and I’m ready to get back to what I was doing before.” Her eyes shifted between the two men.

The other man, who she now knew was Mr. Jackson, finally spoke.

“Why would we hire a diner waitress?” he questioned.

She felt irritation burn inside her, but she pushed it down. She needed this job.

“Like I said, I made an unexpected move. I’ve been working at the diner to support myself until I can get the job I'm looking for.”

“And you think that you’re qualified enough to do that?” he prodded. She could tell he was trying to make her angry. She took a breath. She wouldn’t allow him to win.

“You can see by my resume that I am.”

“How do I know you didn’t just make all this up, diner girl?” He leaned forward, waiting for her response while ignoring Hanson, who shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“I didn’t.” That was a lie. Her entire resume was fake, but she wasn’t about to tell them that. She had the experience. She had worked as an executive assistant before.

But there was no way she could let them look into her previous work, so she had changed the names.

“Of course you would say that,” he snapped, tossing her resume on the table.

Mr. Hanson finally spoke again, giving Mr. Jackson a look.

“We wouldn't accuse you of falsifying your information, Ms. Winters. We are just curious about your experience.”

“I worked as an executive assistant for almost five years before moving here.

“I did everything asked of me and then some. I’m a hard worker and willing to learn,” she replied, keeping eye contact with Mr. Jackson.

“Bringing that irresistible charm I saw yesterday with you, I suppose,” Mr. Jackson huffed, rolling his eyes.

Nicole let out a frustrated breath. “Well, then, I can see that you have no intention of hiring me. I’d hate to continue wasting our valuable time. Good day.”

She gave them a small smile and walked out the door.

Nicole shook her head as she got on the elevator.

“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You knew it couldn’t possibly be that easy…” she said to herself as she made her way out of the building. Back to the diner.

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