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Chapter 1

The Bastard


She’d wanted him for as long as she could remember.

He wasn’t interested.


Marlee wasn’t a bad looking woman, she had men offering her dates left, right, and center. She had regular fuck buddies, people she could call when she got horny.

But every time they pounded away at her, she would think of him.


For some reason, she couldn’t think of him as Ben—the nickname was too neighborhood friendly, too guy-next-door.

Benjamin wasn’t like that.

He was a bastard.

He had silvery blond hair and deep green eyes that undressed every woman that took his fancy. He knew what he had, effortless sex appeal and charm that no one could refuse.

He didn’t do relationships; Marlee had seen many women doing the walk of shame minutes after he had finished with them, as she lived across the apartment complex from him.

Her window overlooked the hallway that led to the deep black door opening into his chamber of seduction, and she kept a keen eye on it.

She had tried everything.

She had stopped him in the hall, stolen his post and hand delivered it, approached him after hanging around his office.

He had looked right through her, every time.

“Bastard!” she muttered, coating her lips with a nude gloss, hoping there would be some decent dick action later for her. She just wanted a man to throw her around, dominate her and destroy her sexually.

She didn’t want a damn relationship—she had to be the one dismissing men that suggested they go to her place.

Most of them were so politically correct it drove her insane. Her only relationship had been with Fray a few years back, and when she had suggested acting out her rape fantasy he had suggested her seeing a therapist.

“A therapist.”

She wasn’t a sex addict, she just had needs that were… niche propensities.

It took a lot for her to cum.

Marlee squeezed herself into her fishnet stockings, grinning as she imagined someone in between her thighs later, her creamy skin visible through the nets as they ate her pussy.

She squeezed her thighs together with anticipation, before reprimanding herself. She had to be realistic; there might not be anyone deserving of her pussy tonight.

The club was in the center of town, and it attracted the big city rollers and the struggling musicians—something for everyone, so to speak.

Marlee was aware of the attention as she walked in. Ordering a dirty martini, she leaned forward, aware her ass was like a peach in the pencil skirt.

She noticed someone staring at her from the other side of the bar, but when she turned to look at him she shuddered.

“No, mate. Not on your nelly.”

Yellowed teeth grinned back at her as he licked his dry lips; a scar ran across his face.

Absolutely fucking not.

“Whiskey. On the rocks, splash of water.”

She froze; that voice commandeering the drink belonged to the one and only Benjamin. She would know it anywhere.

She bit her lip, surreptitiously inhaling his intoxicating scent, wondering if his dick would taste as good as he smelled.

“You’re so fucking desperate, I can smell your wet cunt from here,” came the comment, and Marlee turned to regard him in stunned silence.

He wasn’t making eye contact with her, he was waiting for his drink. He made her fucking eyes want to bleed; he was so hot, especially with his shirt opened to reveal his chest.


“I said…” He paid for his drink before turning to her, his eyes finally meeting hers. “You’re so fucking desperate I can smell your wet cunt.”

“C-cha-arming…,” she stammered, as he expelled his breath in her face. It reeked of alcohol and something else she couldn’t place.

“You try too hard. It’s off-putting.”

“Fuck you!” she spat, her hand trembling as she lifted her glass to her mouth.

“Yeah, you’d like that, you dirty bitch. You think I’d fuck someone like you?” His tone was bitter, and Marlee’s cheeks flamed at his insult.

“You’re not hot enough for my dick. You wouldn’t make me cum.”

Marlee bit her lip so hard she could taste blood, but her knowledge that she was hot enough for this bastard gave her the confidence to respond.

“You wouldn’t make me cum either, so fuck off!”


His breath was close to her cheek now. He had moved up behind her, pinning her to the bar even as he pressed his boner against her ass.

“I didn’t say you weren’t hot enough to fuck, just that you won’t make me cum. You’re too curvy for me. I like slender girls I can throw around.”

Marlee was annoyed now, and pushed against him. He wrapped his fingers around her wrists, keeping her immobile.

“But I like it when you fight me.”

Marlee’s breath caught in her throat at his words; his fingers dug into her wrists, definitely leaving bruises.

She was liking this game.

“I said no!” she snapped, and he growled against her.

“Finish your drink. Now!”

She laughed throatily, before shaking her head. “No.”

She let out a yelp when he pinched her nipple suddenly. His mouth was on her neck, and he was nibbling lightly at her skin.

“Are you fucking stupid?”

She was shaking now, unable to breathe with this creature up against her back, his rough fingers twisting her nipple beneath her shirt.

Her pussy was flooding now. She felt a tremor run through her body when he whispered into her ear, “I’m leaving.”

He released her as unexpectedly as he’d arrived, and she all but slumped on the bar, without him holding her up. Her drink forgotten, she hurried after him as he marched to the exit, commanding attention from every girl there.

He turned to her, before hailing a taxi. “What do you want?”

His eyes now seemed to reflect boredom, as he greeted another passing woman with a wink.

“Can I share the cab home with you?”

“If you have to. But you’re paying,” he grunted, slamming the cab door after him so Marlee had to walk around to the other side. Her heart thumped in her chest as she was climbing in to sit beside him. He was on his phone.

His voice drove her insane, especially when he barked at the person at the other end about some botched business deal.

Simultaneously he reached over and his hand roughly parted Marlee’s legs. She gasped. He ended the call before sliding the crotch of her panties to one side.

“You’re wet,” he said in seeming disgust, taking his hand out and licking it softly.

Marlee couldn’t respond. She couldn’t believe his audacity. Her body was aching for his touch, and she was relieved when the cab pulled up at their complex.

Benjamin left without a word, leaving her to scrabble in her bag for money to pay the fare. She got out of the cab, looking desperately about for any sign of him.

Where the fuck was he?

She walked into the hallway and pressed the elevator button impatiently. Her cheeks were flushed with humiliation that he had done this to her, and she vowed to give him a mouthful the next time she saw him. The bastard!

Digging around in her bag for her key, Marlee panted in frustration, dropping to a crouched position and swearing in annoyance.

“Hurry the fuck up!”

Her fingers had just brushed the metal of her key when she jumped at the voice, and her eyes met Benjamin’s. He was leaning casually against her door.

“Listen, you fucker!” she snarled. He chuckled softly.

“Let me in, let me in, said the wolf,” Benjamin sang quietly, while she stared at him in disbelief.

“Oh, now you want to come in?”

He walked closer to her, and her heart rate was threatening to explode, although she tried to breathe calmly.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

His voice was dangerously quiet and addictive; her core clenched as she realized what he was offering.


She had no shame left. She wanted him so badly it was driving her insane.

“Then open that door, for fuck’s sake!”

His clipped English accent provoked her, and she felt her insides melt even further as she pushed the key into the lock, which turned easily.

As soon as she did that, he became like a man possessed, following her in and slamming her against the door. She gasped.

“No security cameras in here, sweetheart.”

The endearment was a joke, surely. His mouth met hers. He started to kiss her roughly, one knee parting her thighs and his fingers tearing at her panties.

Marlee tried to speak but couldn’t, especially not when he was ripping her shirt clean off her body, exposing her large breasts in her black lace bra.

He released her mouth for a moment before tugging her breasts loose.

Marlee heard the fabric on her bra stretch, and panicked he was going to ruin this too. Her worries disappeared when he began sucking on her nipples roughly, his teeth grazing the tip.

She tried to stop her knees buckling at this delicious assault. “Oh my god!” she wailed.

His head snapped up and he snarled, “Did I say you could speak?”

He turned her around then, her front pressed against the door. She heard his trousers rustle and fall to the floor. His fingers were dipping into her wetness, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

“Your cunt’s dripping.”

“Just fuck me already!” she moaned, and he braced his hands against her shoulders.

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