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Infinity Book 2

Mikayla S

What a Long Month


Waking up this morning, I feel a whole world of difference.

The pain that has been tormenting me in my head has now lulled itself into a shallow pain. While it’s still very uncomfortable, it has the pain equivalent to a bad bruise when you push on it.

Which I can definitely deal with over the agonizing pain I’ve been feeling this whole time. Searching around the corners of my mind like I’ve done every morning this past month, I try to locate my wolf, and today I feel her!

She’s faint in the back of my head. She’s on guard like she’s anticipating something’s about to happen, but she’s there!

Bouncing out of bed with a new pep in my step, I quickly shake out my fur before making my way downstairs. My family, like every morning, are all sitting around the table eating quietly.

Since this all happened to me, the mood around here has been gloomy to say the least.

Once my paws touch the kitchen floor and my claws softly scrape the wood, I watch as they all go rigid, stilling for a moment as they wait for me to fall over in pain like I have been doing every day since I came home.

But I don’t. Instead I just walk to the back door.

“I’ll be back in a minute, I’m going to go for a run.” I mind-link to no one in particular, but they all hear me before I nudge the door with my head, leaving the house.

I haven’t been able to do much of anything this past month, not even wallow in my own sadness. No, as the month dragged on, the pain only intensified.

The longest it held for was six solid hours of burning torture before it finally fucking broke and I passed out.

Taking off into a run, I roam aimlessly for a while before I notice my steps taking me toward Soren’s house. It has been a month since I’ve stepped foot here.

A month since I was truly happy.

A month of this fucking pain that burns through my body like a forest fire.

Opening the door, which takes a few minutes due to my lack of hands, I walk into the living room.

The house has taken on a more stale smell, but as I breathe in deeply I get a faint smell of him.

My Soren.

Trotting to the bedroom, I notice the strongest point where his scent lies is on the carpet, right where he took me for the first time. Claiming my virginity and me as his.

Shoving my nose to the carpet, I inhale as much of his scent as my lungs are able to hold before plopping my giant form down to the ground. I continue to breathe him in overdramatically.

The fast pace of my breathing makes me light-headed, but my desperation to smell his scent has me ignoring it, my body begging just to touch him again, to feel his arms around me, feel his lips flutter on my skin.

As I imagine all of the ways I wish he would hold me, hold my wolf, I feel her start to come forward in my head.

The scent of our mate is calling to her like it calls to me. Watching her in my head, I see she’s behaving weirdly. It’s hard to describe how I picture her.

Almost like a dog as it sits with its tail wrapped around its back half as she drags herself forward with her front feet.

Her fur is prickled and her features are on edge, like she wants to keep whatever it is she has away from everything, including me.

Lost in the smell of my mate and the odd behavior my wolf is displaying, I slowly start to drift to sleep, my body going into a state of pure calm that has even my wolf laying down in my head.

With one final breath in, I take in as much of Soren’s scent as my snout will allow me before finally I’m out.

Waking up from what feels like the best sleep I’ve ever had, I take in my surroundings.

From the change in the sun’s position coming through the windows, I’m assuming I’ve been sleeping at least a few hours.

Reaching up, I rub my eyes in slow circles. The feeling is so wonderful that it takes me a full minute to even process what I’m doing.

Halting my hands once it hits me, I pull them from my face, squealing in excitement as I see that I have actual human hands.

Turning my face into the carpet once more, I take in one final breath before forcing myself to get up. My legs are wobbly and stiff from being in wolf form for so long.

Walking into Soren’s bathroom, I take my first shower in a month, letting the water wash over my body as I lather myself with Soren’s soap.

I can’t help but moan as I wash between my legs. Having never had a chance to clean myself up from our night together, I feel a slight sadness at washing his touch from my human body.

Finishing my shower, I quickly dry off and get dressed in a pair of Soren’s grey sweatpants and one of his black cotton shirts before rifling through his closet for some shoes that will fit.

His feet are far larger than mine but I ended up finding a pair of slides that have Velcro to tighten or loosen them.

Pulling them to the point they look ridiculous, I get the sandals as tight as they will possibly go and then make my way to the front of the house.

With my hand on the front door, I pull it open. Bringing my lips to the wood, I kiss the door, laying my forehead on it before letting out a deep breath.

“I love you, Soren. I’ll see you soon.”

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